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Multimedia Content allows you to heighten perception for your brand by adding content that matches its image.


Learn about loyalties, how to earn points, and more.


Find answers to some of the most common questions asked about Promos.


Find out what coupons are, where they can be found, how to redeem them, and more.


All you need to know about conversing through the Octopus app.

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What is a promo?

A promo is a digital multimedia leaflet for announcing promotions, events, discounts, special offers, product descriptions, and more. Promos contain images and/or videos. To access promos, enter a particular channel and scroll to the info section. The right arrow on your screen leads to the page where all the channel’s promos are displayed.

What is a Coupon, and where can they be found?

Within a channel, the term coupon refers to a benefit which can be redeemed via the app or at a point of sale. As with vouchers that were traditionally given away in the press or delivered by mail, coupons confer benefits such as discounts and free products. There are sections within each channel to show the coupons available. Alternatively, users can access a list of all the coupons available to them by visiting the main screen and tapping the My Rewards button.

Channel chat

Should you wish, you can access these through the Chat Button, which is next to the ‘My Rewards’ button on the home page, or from a particular channel page. Channel chat allows you to receive messages about new offers, promos and discounts, coupon notifications, messages from other channels, etc.

This is only available for channels that you follow, and which have enabled two-way chat.

What is loyalty?

Loyalty programs allow you to collect points or stamps in order to progress to a higher level and thus receive a greater reward. By following particular channels you become eligible for their loyalty programs. To view a list of all available to you, tap the My rewards button on the main screen. For a more detailed description, tap on the loyalty programs that interest you.